Sunday, July 29, 2007

dbQwikSite v – Introduces Easier Deletes

This week we released dbQwikSite version As usual there are a number of bug fixes, and some new features. The new features include a new delete behavior in generated pages, FTP can now be stated from the tools menu, On-Demand plug-ins are introduced in this release.

The new Delete Page behavior was originally a work around for the delete page not offering a query for a dataset, but it actually is quite cool and in most cases, eliminates the need for your visitors to use the delete page. We call it “in place delete” what that means is you can now set up your delete page so that is deletes the record but never shows the delete page itself. The net effect is that your users can delete records directly from the Data List Page or from the More Page. You can set up a confirmation message, or just delete “in place”. For users that want to show the record before deletion from the Data List Page, you can link your delete button your More Page to show the record using a query, and do a silent delete from the More Page…slick!

We are also working on the plug-ins extensions framework. In this release we introduce “download-on-demand” plug-in support. The plug-in menu shows plug-ins available at time of publishing. When you select a plug-in that is not installed you will be directed to the download page for that plug-in. Right now, there are only two download-on demand plug-ins, but we expect that list to grow. Visit our plug-in page from time to time to see new offering of free and trial plug-ins. At this time you can download: CSS Merger and dbQwik™MySSH. CSS Merger is free and combines identical CSS files generated by dbQwik™Site as well as updating links in your pages to reference the merged CSS. dbQwik™ MySSH is a new trial offering, allowing you to connect to remote MySQL servers using secure SSH connections, great for data security and for those hosting companies that block remote MySQL connections, but permit SSH connections.

Finally, you will see a new menu option “dbQwik Hosting” that gives you direct access to our hosting services, where you can get everything you need for hosting and great prices. You will find, Hosing from $3.99 a month for Windows or Linux, Domain Names now on promotion for only $1.99, SSL certificates, Mass Mailing services, Traffic Tools for your site and other essentials of web hosting. Just a final note, you don’t have to host with us, generated pages will run on all standard hosting accounts. But, if you are in the need of hosting, domain names etc, we appreciate your business. Our hosting is all managed by one of the world’s largest web hosting providers so you can be assured of excellent, dependable service. Low risk, great service, and low prices are yours when you choose dbQwik™ Hosting. (Ok, enough of shameless plugging of our new business! I am sure you get the picture.)

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