Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dbQwikSite 5.2.1 Released: Single Language Editions get X-Gen

Today we released dbQwikSite 5.2.1 adds X-Gen technology for easier local testing with single scripting language editions. Single scripting language editions include: Personal Edition (PE), Publisher (Pub), and Express Edition (XE). X-Gen allows users to design and test using one scripting language and then deploy to another scripting language.

We now include a limited X-Gen capability in the single language editions. The special edition generates local scripts that run under the dbQwik Web Server allowing you to test locally without installing support for your purchased language on your PC. Prior to this release, if you bought a PHP generation option, you can only generate PHP. In this case you would have had to install PHP support on your PC before you could test locally. With this release the X-Gen engine has been enhanced to generate code compatible with the included dbQwik Web Server. You can transparently test on your PC no matter which language you have subscribed to for deployment. X-Gen will make testing with single script editions a whole lot easier.

Also in this release you will find a new, single dialog to hide and show pages. Previous editions had separate dialogs, to show and hide pages in the explorer. I for one, welcome this change, a small but helpful tweak the program interface.

Other improvements have been added in this and lesser releases. There is better internal image handling while working on projects; this should result in slightly better performance. We still have more to do on image management, with the objective of improving the program performance while designing. There have been a few minor releases under the 5.2.0.x that address a wide variety of issues in the designer and in code generation. So if you are a multi-scripting language user there are plenty of small fixes for you too.

This is a free upgrade to all version 5 users. It is available via the Live Update menu option found in the Help menu.

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