Thursday, August 30, 2007

dbQwikSite –Paves the way to a New Edition

This week we released dbQwikSite this is a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and minor enhancements. Hardly worth writing about, except for the reason behind the release which is far more exciting news. We released this edition because it contains fixes that we wanted to get to the user community, before dbQwikSite undergoes a major change to the code generation engine. This change will introduce new, powerful of functionality for web designers and web developers.

What’s it all about? You’ll get a hint if you upgrade to version In some of the property dialogs, version In some of the property dialogs, you’ll see a new option tab “Custom Events.” This is the essence to an all new “Developer’s Edition”. The Developer’s Edition adds the ability to incorporate your own custom code into your projects. It will offer both “client-side” and “server-side” script support. This means that you can add your own JavaScript to run the browser or add ASP(.net) or PHP code that will execute on the server. We introduce “events” and “insertion points” in this edition. You can add your own code at any of these points to change or enhance generated pages.

If you are a designer, you likely have seen, or used, JavaScript to do such things as create rollover effects, validate form fields, and highlight errors or other dynamic HTML effects. With Developer Edition, you can use provided JavaScript functions or incorporate your own scripts that you write or download from script sites. Web developers familiar with ASP(.net) and PHP can insert their own code “snippets” to change processing on the server side. For example you could change the security authorization or perform server-side validation or calculations. Having the ability to add your code to dbQwikSite code opens the door to creating even more advanced, highly customized applications. Unlike editing the generated code which is overwritten if you regenerate a page, embedded code is preserved between code generations.

Stay tuned to this blog from more breaking news about dbQwikSite Developer Edition and other news about dbQwik products.

Monday, August 27, 2007

dbQwikMySSH - Painless MyODBC SSH Management

We just introduced dbQwikMySSH only a few short weeks ago and it is doing very well. This week we released a minor update to make it even easier to use. We added a new function to automatically reconfigure your MyODBC connections to pass through the secure SSH tunnel. Restoring them is just as easy. You simple right click the connection to secure, and choose the Secure option in the popup menu. To restore connections to their original settings you right click a secured connection and choose the Restore option.

There are a couple of other tweaks to the interface to make it easier to understand what’s going on. For instance the MySQL server detection is easy to confuse with your connection settings. The Server check is just to see if there is a MySQL server listening; it does not have anything to do with the authentication of your MySQL connection. So we have refined the interface a bit to try to make that a bit clearer. A couple of small bug fixes are included to round out this release. If you are installed and want to get the latest, you can run the live-update. Otherwise just download the latest install from: it has the latest updates.

Friday, August 10, 2007

TheDevShop Finalist in the "Red Herring 100 Asia" Awards 2007

Today TheDevShop, makers of dbQwik products, got some some great news. We have are among the 200 Finalists in the "Red Herring 100 Awards". The awards are for "The Most-Promising Private Technology Ventures" in Asia.

Here's an excerpt from their Press Release:
San Francisco, CA, August 7, 2007 – Red Herring Magazine announced today that TheDevShop Ltd. has been short listed forerunners of the Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 awards. The 100 winners will be announced at the Red Herring 100 Asia event in Hong Kong, on August 29-31.

The Red Herring editorial team carefully selected the finalists based on criteria such as (please check the FAQ for the 5 criteria). The 200 finalists are based in 16 countries/regions including China, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia and Vietnam. The names of the 200 companies short-listed as finalists for the "Red Herring 100 Asia 2007" can be found online here

"The 200 finalists we selected from across 16 countries and regions are all excellent contenders," said Joel Dreyfuss, Editor-in-Chief of Red Herring. "They are exceptional companies who thrive on innovation and strongly define the important role of technology in Asia’s economy and throughout the world."

For us, this is pretty exciting. It's great to know that we rank among the top 200 technology companies in Asia. So if you ever wondered "Just what kind of company is TheDevShop?" this may help you put us in context.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

dbQwik™MySQL2Access v 1.0 – Moves MySQL to MS Access.

This week we introduce a brand new member to the dbQwik™ family of products. dbQwik™ MySQL2Access is a program that moves MySQL databases into MS Access. It can either connect directly to MySQL or it can read in MySQL dump files. The program can either create new MS Access Databases or import into an existing MS Access Database. You can selectively import tables.

The program is very simple to use. Enter your MySQL login details or browse to a MySQL Dump File. The tables are listed, and you just pick the tables to import and all rest is done for you.

This program is great for creating local copies of local or remote MySQL databases. Local copies can be used as back ups, or “off-line” copies for reporting and anlysis. The advantage of MS Access is that it is highly portable and integrated into MS Office. There is no need to install MySQL in end users PCs. This is a handy little utility that you can use again and again if you have data in MySQL.

dbQwik™MySQL2Access is available for download from our software store: There is a free trial version. The trial has an import limit of 25 records per table. You can buy the full version for only $19.95.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

dbQwik™MySSH v 1.0 – Debut of Secure MySQL SSH connection.

This week we introduce a brand new member to the dbQwik™ family of products. dbQwik™MySSH is a SSH client, highly specialized for working with your MySQL connections. What is SSH? SSH is a secure encrypted protocol for internet communications. Using dbQwik™ MySSH, ensures that all data exchanged between your PC and your MySQL host remains private and protected from eavesdropping hackers. There is another advantage to using dbQwik™MySSH, that is being able to connect to remote MySQL servers even when these servers block the standard remote connection on port 3306. If your hosting allows SSH connections, you can use dbQwik™ SSH to connect, and dbQwik™MySSH will proxy all your MySQL traffic through its secure connection.

What makes dbQwik™MySSH different than other SSH clients? Most SSH clients are general purpose utilities that require that you learn and understand how to set it up and configure it using cryptic commands. dbQwik™MySSH is highly specialized to work with MySQL and MyODBC. It provides a beautiful graphic interface that allows you to instantly see exactly which connections are using SSH and which ones are not. dbQwik™MySSH takes care many of the settings and configuration set up, so you only have a few fields to enter to establish your SSH connection. There simply is no easier way to connect to MySQL using SSH.

dbQwik™MySSH is available for download from our software store: There is a free trial version. The trial has a limited connection time. You can buy the full version for only $19.95.