Thursday, August 30, 2007

dbQwikSite –Paves the way to a New Edition

This week we released dbQwikSite this is a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and minor enhancements. Hardly worth writing about, except for the reason behind the release which is far more exciting news. We released this edition because it contains fixes that we wanted to get to the user community, before dbQwikSite undergoes a major change to the code generation engine. This change will introduce new, powerful of functionality for web designers and web developers.

What’s it all about? You’ll get a hint if you upgrade to version In some of the property dialogs, version In some of the property dialogs, you’ll see a new option tab “Custom Events.” This is the essence to an all new “Developer’s Edition”. The Developer’s Edition adds the ability to incorporate your own custom code into your projects. It will offer both “client-side” and “server-side” script support. This means that you can add your own JavaScript to run the browser or add ASP(.net) or PHP code that will execute on the server. We introduce “events” and “insertion points” in this edition. You can add your own code at any of these points to change or enhance generated pages.

If you are a designer, you likely have seen, or used, JavaScript to do such things as create rollover effects, validate form fields, and highlight errors or other dynamic HTML effects. With Developer Edition, you can use provided JavaScript functions or incorporate your own scripts that you write or download from script sites. Web developers familiar with ASP(.net) and PHP can insert their own code “snippets” to change processing on the server side. For example you could change the security authorization or perform server-side validation or calculations. Having the ability to add your code to dbQwikSite code opens the door to creating even more advanced, highly customized applications. Unlike editing the generated code which is overwritten if you regenerate a page, embedded code is preserved between code generations.

Stay tuned to this blog from more breaking news about dbQwikSite Developer Edition and other news about dbQwik products.


Bill said...

How long until the release of dbqwiksite 6.0. Will it include any ajax or editors like FCK.

Thanks, Bill

TheDevShop said...

We expect to release Developer Edition as version 5.5
Version 6 will be out 2008 and YES, we are seriously looking at how to incporotate AJAX and DHTML.

It is possible to incorporate an FCK-like Editor today. Check out our knowlege base ticket:

Gunter Creasey said...

I been evaluating your product and it looks very good for my purposes. But with you advertising an imminent release of software i.e. V6. I don't know if I should purchase now or wait until version 6 comes out? What is the upgrade policy? I want to purchase Ecommerce edition.

TheDevShop said...

V6 is still a way off. What is nore imminent is the release of a Beta of Developer Edition. Since this is a new edition, we will offer an upgrade path for users of existing editions. Our policy on edition upgrades is "pay the differnence" so if Ecomm is $179 USD, and developer comes in at say 4229, then the upgrade will be $50. So you cannot loose buy purchasing now. The final price of developer is not yet fixed, but should be more than Ecom and less than $250.

usascholar said...

I was looking to get the eCom version, until I checked that it doesn't support google checkout yet.

Its something we use exclusively.

Let me know when this is available. you can email me back at that time.


TheDevShop said...

We already have added Google Check out support, but it has not been released yet. I will look at getting a release out shortly if there is sufficient demand. So if anyone else is looking for Google Check Out let me know and I'll push this out.