Friday, November 24, 2006

dbQwikEdit Longer Trials, Oracle & Performance

Today we release dbQwikEdit We have updated the way the shareware trial works. Previously you could trial 7 days and then that was it. Many users were keen for longer periods. We have now changed the trial. Just like before there is a 7 day period where you can use the software without any restrictions. After a week, you are limited to 500 rows in result sets, and after a month the program goes into "read only" mode lowering the row limit to 100 rows and visual query table to 2 tables. If you’re still using it by then... maybe time to think about buying... wink wink.

This is also a maintenance upgrade concentrating mostly on improving support for Oracle databases and some performance enhancements in the user interface. Issues with incompatibility of generated SQL statements with Oracle have been resolved. We also took some time to see if we could speed up some operations in the interface. There is a lot we improve in this release. We addresses issues that may have been affecting users who are working on larger databases or using remote connections.

Monday, November 20, 2006

dbQwikSite Version Released

A "Dedicated to Quality" Release
Today, TheDevShop released dbQwikSite, this is a maintenance release. The release addresses errors that have been popping up now and again as you work. Depending which features you use, running auto-update may add more stability to your work sessions. Development is continuing on their "Dedicated to Quality" effort with this release. Remember that you have an important role in this effort. If one of those "strange" error messages pop up and wants to send us an email. Please let it do so. Our Committed to Quality program is really paying off and taking the guess work out of bug fixing. The net result is a better product for you.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

dbQwikSite to work with your Favorite HTML Editor

What's going on in development? Plenty! One of my favorites is 3rd party HTML editor integration. If you use Dreamweaver, CoffeCup, FrontPage and any other HTML editor, you likely have grown to love it and are comfortable working in it. Wouldn't it be great if you could do your HTML "bits" in your favorite HTML editor seamlessly from dbQwikSite? It's on the way! We are adding "round trip" HTML editing support as I write this article.

The first release will offer support for launching your HTML editor, from any of the dbQwikSite dialogs that have the "HTML" edit button. You are no longer limited to using our embedded HTML editor of course this option still remains. You don't have to have an expensive HTML editor, but if you do, then you can use it from inside dbQwikSite.

There more, the R & D team is working on "exposing" dbQwikSite items in HTML format so that you can easily integrate them into your pages. What does this mean? Let me give you an example. Say you have a dbQwikSite Add Page in a group called "Invoices", if you want to link to that page from an outside page you need to put special tags and URLS into your HTML page that get translated to real page names during code generation. What we are working on now is generating a "catalog" page of the special tags and urls so you can just copy and paste these without having to know all the special syntax.

The next level of integration is directed toward Dreamweaver users. We are busy in R & D testing how far we can carry integration, but we are looking at things like add-ins to let you reference dbQwikSite pages, dialogs for building dbQwikSite Record Layouts, and possibly even adding new pages and groups to dbQwikSite from inside Dreamweaver. Stay tuned for more insider information on this exciting development.

dbQwikSite 4.2 Released

We added lots of "stuff" in 4.2 including a neat new feature that makes your page preview "clickable" making altering design properties much more intuitive. This is a free upgrade to all version 4 users, available via the live upgrade option in the help menu of dbQwikSite.

We seem to have had a bit of bad luck with old code sneaking back into our build process resulting in a rise in bugs. But the team is aggressively attacking these and many have been addressed already. If you are using dbQwikSite be sure to run live update weekly for the next little while to make sure that you are getting all the latest fixes. Along these lines we have also added an error reporting feature to the program to help the developers kill these bugs. If you see a strange pop up about errors and it wanting to send tech support an email, this is not a virus. Please help us out and do release the error report to tech support. We will get rid of these nasty bug for you and ensure that you get the most from your software.