Friday, November 24, 2006

dbQwikEdit Longer Trials, Oracle & Performance

Today we release dbQwikEdit We have updated the way the shareware trial works. Previously you could trial 7 days and then that was it. Many users were keen for longer periods. We have now changed the trial. Just like before there is a 7 day period where you can use the software without any restrictions. After a week, you are limited to 500 rows in result sets, and after a month the program goes into "read only" mode lowering the row limit to 100 rows and visual query table to 2 tables. If you’re still using it by then... maybe time to think about buying... wink wink.

This is also a maintenance upgrade concentrating mostly on improving support for Oracle databases and some performance enhancements in the user interface. Issues with incompatibility of generated SQL statements with Oracle have been resolved. We also took some time to see if we could speed up some operations in the interface. There is a lot we improve in this release. We addresses issues that may have been affecting users who are working on larger databases or using remote connections.

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