Friday, December 15, 2006

dbQwikSite Full Trial Available

The long awaited Full Trial Edition of dbQwikSite is now available for download. This Edition allows you to try all the features of all editions of dbQwikSite. You can open, design and test on your PC. The only restriction is that the pages cannot be deployed (published). The generated pages are encrypted and run only in dbQwikWebServer, which is automatically installed when you install dbQwikSite.

If you don’t know about our versions, PE is a free version and doubles as a “Trial” version. However many features of the advanced versions (PRO and Ecommerce) are not available in PE. While this is not an issue for PE users who want a free tool, for the other group of PE users that want a way to demo more advanced features they could not do so. PE now does not have to do “double-duty” as a free “lite” edition and as a demo edition. I hope this opens the door for TheDevShop to make PE more tuned to it’s true target audience in the future. And for those of you who want a risk free test drive of dbQwikSite in it’s fullest capability, Full Trial is just the ticket.

You can download dbQwikSite Full Trial Edition from:

dbQwikSite MySQL and Database Enhancements

This week’s release of dbQwikSite directly addresses the area that users have the most problems with. Without a doubt, database connectivity is the single most troublesome area for new users. It is a hard issue to make “go away” because the reality is that dbQwikSite does not manage connections, Microsoft does… well Windows does. dbQwikSite just “uses” connections. The tough part for our developers is to make they whole “connection thing” seamless and transparent.

Unlike other applications that need only to connect to a dedicated database, dbQwikSite has to connect to any database you pick. To further complicate matters, that database may be on your PC, on a server on your network, or on a hosted server on the internet. The possible combinations become large; layer in security restrictions, on our PC, on your web server and on your host. Add to the mix that dbQwikSite can also “switch databases”, either at design or while publishing, you may begin to understand why connecting to databases is what Support hears about most often.

So what have we done to make life easier for our users? In this release, we have reworked our “front end” to Microsoft connection managers (ODBC and ADO) hopefully landing you where you need to be to define your connections. We have reworked the connection manager and the database connection wizard to help you define connections.

But that is not enough. Why? Because, if you are using the ever popular MySQL, on a commercial hosts the company may block remote connections for security reasons. Or working over remote connections may be simply too slow. Now we’re stuck! dbQwikSite wants to see your database to help you design your web pages. So now what? Our developers never rest until you are happy!

A few versions back we introduced a little tool to import MySQL script. This let you import a MySQL script to create a local “clone” of your database. You needed to create your MySQL script using phpMyAdmin, a popular web administration tool for MySQL. Little did we know that this utility would become so popular. In this release, we revamp this utility, with some major enhancements. The most important of the enhancements is the introduction of a “live” import. This allows you to connect to your MySQL database and clone selected tables to your PC. You no longer have to produce scripts, transfer them to your PC and import them, although this option still exists in the event that your hosting company refuses remote connections. We also beefed up the capability of this utility. We’ve added support for some of the more unusual data types of MySQL like ENUM and SET. We also reworked the data transformations to produce better data migration results. Little things like text values containing quotes, which can throw a data import sideways have been addressed in this release.

So as we roll Christmas Season, I hope that our support staff can take a well deserved rest, seeing fewer support issues. And for our users, who find, dbQwikSite in your Christmas stocking, here’s to a painless connection to your database so that you can discover all the great features inside dbQwikSite, without hitting any database connection turbulence.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Qwiksite Performance & MySQL Release

This week's release of dbQwikSite is This release is a minor release that addresses areas of designer performance. We have optimized the much of the interaction between dbQwikSite designer and the database. If you have complex queries , slow connections or large databases, you will really appreciate this release. You will see significant performance gains, up to 1000% in some areas!

If you work with dbQwikSite, you likely know that you can import MySQL databases to a local copy to design offline, and speed database performance while designing. We have reworked to MySQL import. We have completely eliminated the need for myODBC on your computer. We by upgrading our MySQL connection technology, we have increased the reliability of connecting to MySQL. Previously you needed to export MySQL to a script to import it. Now you can connect live to MySQL to import your tables, as well as import from scripts if your hosting block MySQL connections. The import itself has been significantly improved to address a wider variety of data types. Working with copies of remote MySQL databases has become a lot easier with this release.