Friday, December 01, 2006

Qwiksite Performance & MySQL Release

This week's release of dbQwikSite is This release is a minor release that addresses areas of designer performance. We have optimized the much of the interaction between dbQwikSite designer and the database. If you have complex queries , slow connections or large databases, you will really appreciate this release. You will see significant performance gains, up to 1000% in some areas!

If you work with dbQwikSite, you likely know that you can import MySQL databases to a local copy to design offline, and speed database performance while designing. We have reworked to MySQL import. We have completely eliminated the need for myODBC on your computer. We by upgrading our MySQL connection technology, we have increased the reliability of connecting to MySQL. Previously you needed to export MySQL to a script to import it. Now you can connect live to MySQL to import your tables, as well as import from scripts if your hosting block MySQL connections. The import itself has been significantly improved to address a wider variety of data types. Working with copies of remote MySQL databases has become a lot easier with this release.

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