Thursday, November 16, 2006

dbQwikSite to work with your Favorite HTML Editor

What's going on in development? Plenty! One of my favorites is 3rd party HTML editor integration. If you use Dreamweaver, CoffeCup, FrontPage and any other HTML editor, you likely have grown to love it and are comfortable working in it. Wouldn't it be great if you could do your HTML "bits" in your favorite HTML editor seamlessly from dbQwikSite? It's on the way! We are adding "round trip" HTML editing support as I write this article.

The first release will offer support for launching your HTML editor, from any of the dbQwikSite dialogs that have the "HTML" edit button. You are no longer limited to using our embedded HTML editor of course this option still remains. You don't have to have an expensive HTML editor, but if you do, then you can use it from inside dbQwikSite.

There more, the R & D team is working on "exposing" dbQwikSite items in HTML format so that you can easily integrate them into your pages. What does this mean? Let me give you an example. Say you have a dbQwikSite Add Page in a group called "Invoices", if you want to link to that page from an outside page you need to put special tags and URLS into your HTML page that get translated to real page names during code generation. What we are working on now is generating a "catalog" page of the special tags and urls so you can just copy and paste these without having to know all the special syntax.

The next level of integration is directed toward Dreamweaver users. We are busy in R & D testing how far we can carry integration, but we are looking at things like add-ins to let you reference dbQwikSite pages, dialogs for building dbQwikSite Record Layouts, and possibly even adding new pages and groups to dbQwikSite from inside Dreamweaver. Stay tuned for more insider information on this exciting development.

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