Thursday, November 16, 2006

dbQwikSite 4.2 Released

We added lots of "stuff" in 4.2 including a neat new feature that makes your page preview "clickable" making altering design properties much more intuitive. This is a free upgrade to all version 4 users, available via the live upgrade option in the help menu of dbQwikSite.

We seem to have had a bit of bad luck with old code sneaking back into our build process resulting in a rise in bugs. But the team is aggressively attacking these and many have been addressed already. If you are using dbQwikSite be sure to run live update weekly for the next little while to make sure that you are getting all the latest fixes. Along these lines we have also added an error reporting feature to the program to help the developers kill these bugs. If you see a strange pop up about errors and it wanting to send tech support an email, this is not a virus. Please help us out and do release the error report to tech support. We will get rid of these nasty bug for you and ensure that you get the most from your software.

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