Thursday, October 04, 2007

dbQwikEdit Adds Office 2007

Today we release dbQwikEdit In this release, we add a few new features that some users have been looking for as well as the regular set of bug fixes to known issues.
The two highlights of this release is a reworked connection wizard and Office 2007 support.
Building ADO connection strings easier than ever using the new connection wizard. That said, sometimes easy just doesn’t go far enough. Our power users have been demanding more control over their connection strings. The new connection wizard opens the door to entering connection strings manually.

The other major update is the addition of Office 2007 support. What does “office 2007 support” mean? It means that dbQwikEdit can now work comfortably with MS Office new “x” file formats. When using MS Access you work with accdb office 2007 formats in addition to the classic mbd files. MS Excel xsl and xslx file types are both supported in this release of dbQwikEdit.

If you are not a MS Office user yet, there are still a slew of bug fixes that make upgrading worthwhile. We clean up some exceptions and fixed some irritating bugs. Some of these bugs include: inability to modify primary keys in some cases, adding fields sometimes missed the “not null” option, specifying lengths of MS Access text fields at times was missing and a few minor tweaks to the data grid.

Existing version 3 users can get the latest release by running live update from the help menu, new users or users of older version can get more information about available upgrades at

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