Thursday, January 10, 2008

dbQwikEdit SQL Tool Prices Slashed

dbQwikEdit, TheDevShop's multi-database data manager has just gotten cheaper with Pro version selling for only $39.95 USD. That's an incredible price, the competition can't even come close, neither in price or functionality. I did a quick survey on the Internet, most competing products are priced between $69 to $250 USD. That makes dbQwikEdit the best value in town.

For those who are not familiar with dbQwikEdit, it is an SQL tool and visual query builder. It works with most databases so you don't need to buy and learn a different took for every database you use. Like all the dbQwik family of tools, dbQwikEdit does not require that you have advanced programming and technical knowledge to use the tool productively. But if you happen to be a database SQL guru, the tool has no problems supporting the demands of power users.

You can find more information and a free trial edition on the web

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