Wednesday, August 08, 2007

dbQwik™MySQL2Access v 1.0 – Moves MySQL to MS Access.

This week we introduce a brand new member to the dbQwik™ family of products. dbQwik™ MySQL2Access is a program that moves MySQL databases into MS Access. It can either connect directly to MySQL or it can read in MySQL dump files. The program can either create new MS Access Databases or import into an existing MS Access Database. You can selectively import tables.

The program is very simple to use. Enter your MySQL login details or browse to a MySQL Dump File. The tables are listed, and you just pick the tables to import and all rest is done for you.

This program is great for creating local copies of local or remote MySQL databases. Local copies can be used as back ups, or “off-line” copies for reporting and anlysis. The advantage of MS Access is that it is highly portable and integrated into MS Office. There is no need to install MySQL in end users PCs. This is a handy little utility that you can use again and again if you have data in MySQL.

dbQwik™MySQL2Access is available for download from our software store: There is a free trial version. The trial has an import limit of 25 records per table. You can buy the full version for only $19.95.

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