Wednesday, August 01, 2007

dbQwik™MySSH v 1.0 – Debut of Secure MySQL SSH connection.

This week we introduce a brand new member to the dbQwik™ family of products. dbQwik™MySSH is a SSH client, highly specialized for working with your MySQL connections. What is SSH? SSH is a secure encrypted protocol for internet communications. Using dbQwik™ MySSH, ensures that all data exchanged between your PC and your MySQL host remains private and protected from eavesdropping hackers. There is another advantage to using dbQwik™MySSH, that is being able to connect to remote MySQL servers even when these servers block the standard remote connection on port 3306. If your hosting allows SSH connections, you can use dbQwik™ SSH to connect, and dbQwik™MySSH will proxy all your MySQL traffic through its secure connection.

What makes dbQwik™MySSH different than other SSH clients? Most SSH clients are general purpose utilities that require that you learn and understand how to set it up and configure it using cryptic commands. dbQwik™MySSH is highly specialized to work with MySQL and MyODBC. It provides a beautiful graphic interface that allows you to instantly see exactly which connections are using SSH and which ones are not. dbQwik™MySSH takes care many of the settings and configuration set up, so you only have a few fields to enter to establish your SSH connection. There simply is no easier way to connect to MySQL using SSH.

dbQwik™MySSH is available for download from our software store: There is a free trial version. The trial has a limited connection time. You can buy the full version for only $19.95.

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