Friday, July 20, 2007

dbQwik offers Hosting and More

Today we introduce a brand new service from TheDevShop: Web Hosting! We are excited to offer world class hosting and domain name services under the “dbQwik” brand. We have teamed with one of the web hosting industry leaders to provide dbQwik customers the best possible service at amazing prices.

Through our new dbQwik branded partnership we are able to offer a full range of services that round out our software offerings. Services available at include:

  • Web hosting: both Windows and Linux
  • Domain name registration services
  • SSL certificates for secure web sites
  • Marketing and web traffic tools

Because of the huge user base of dbQwikSite users, we are able to negotiate some of the best prices in the industry. When we were selecting our partner, we went through a careful screening process. It seems that there are thousands of hosting companies out there and all are not created equal. We wanted to be sure that dbQwikHosting was going to deliver the best possible service to our clients and be able to offer stability, excellent service and competitive pricing.

We evaluated on the basis of:

  • Technical compatibility with dbQwik tools
  • Customer Support
  • Stability of the company
  • Quality of data center
  • Reputation
  • Price point
  • Range of offerings

dbQwikHosting is your one-stop-shop for on-line presence. There is no need to wade through thousands of search results to try to find a web hosting service you can trust. With dbQwikHosting, you know you have found a name you can trust when it comes to websites and data bases.

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