Saturday, July 28, 2007

dbQwikEdit Expands Database Support and Fixes

We just released dbQwikEdit In this release many of the functions of the program have been enhanced to cover a wider variety of databases, particularly desktop databases such as Dbase and Paradox but some additional Oracle work is also in this release. We also fixed a bug that caused the program to seemingly hang if you allow it to auto adjust your myODBC settings. Now the auto-optimize of myODBC settings works better. Optimizing your ODBC settings will address the dropping of MySQL connections resulting in “MySQL server has gone away” errors.

We have tweaked the query syntax builder to better size the list boxes on start up and done a lot of work on the batch move. You can now create target table definitions from queries as well as tables. Parameterized queries now process better.

All an all this is a pretty limited release as far as new features, but it adds a ton of stability and is worth the live update.

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