Thursday, April 05, 2007

dbQwikSite 5.1: The Cherry on the Top of v5.0.

This week we release dbQwikSite v 5.1. This release collects s few nice features that were on the 5.0 wish list, but did not make the initial cut. In Version 5.1 we have added: dynamic HTML (DHTML) navigation menus, check boxes for Search Pages, automatic Security Pages and a couple of bug fixes.

A little about each new addition:

Dynamic Menus make adding site navigation a breeze. Dynamic Menus are generated using a plug-in. This is an example of the power of the new dbQwikSite V5 plug-in architecture. When you run the Java Script Menu plug-in, it will generate a menu item for each checked group, and a sub-item for pages within the group. It uses your currently selected color theme so it looks pretty slick. You can further edit the generated JS (Java Script) file to reorganize, recolor, or rename menu options.

We have added the concept of “auto menus” if you enable this project setting, dbQwikSite will look for qs_menu.js and insert it into every page. All you need to do to add menus to your site is generate the menu and enable auto-menus. We also added some special HTML tags that you can put in your header to control placement and choice of navigator JS files in each page. So you can have more than 1 navigator. Which is great for sites, that have different “areas” such as public, admin, and members, each with distinct navigation.

Check Boxes are our “late bloomers” introduced in version 5.0. It seems we made a small oversight, thinking “One cannot use a check box as search criteria, because searches need 3 states: check, not checked, and either”. Well it did not take long for our users to let us know that this was not the case, there are some very useful applications of checkboxes on search pages. So, with all haste, we have added check boxes to the search page. You as the designer choose how the page should filter data when the box is checked and unchecked.

Automatic Security Pages are a small productivity addition. When you enable site security, dbQwikSite will now offer to generate a new page group to manage your secured users.

One bug fix is quite important to get. While it only occurs under certain circumstances, it can cause some of your page settings to be lost. We recommend that all users run live update to get the latest fixes.

Version 5.1 is a free upgrade to all 5.0 users. If you have not upgraded to 5.0 now you have even more reasons to upgrade. We sent emails to all our registered users, if you have not gotten your upgrade offer, let us know. This is especially important to version 3 users, who can upgrade at a discount if you do so before the end of April.

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Will said...

Hey guys,
I've been a customer for a long time now, and I have to say that each new release has been great. This one's added a couple of features that'll make dbQwikSite a killer app. Fantastic work, folks!

Judhi said...

Dear dbQwikSite developer team,

I have downloaded and played with the free personal edition. It's very cool indeed!

One thing I really wish to hear from you before I purchase is your plan to integrate AJAX in the next release.

I am sure with your qualification there shouldn't be any issue with that right?

Imagine that with AJAX we no longer have to go to separate add/search/edit/update page. Records can be edited on the fly. New records can be quickly added as new row in the displayed table. Search suggestion can be displayed right away. Etc.

Recently there are many similar products coming up, but I believe dbQwikSite will still lead the market by constantly keeping up with the current technology.

Great work mates!

TheDevShop said...

In response to Judhi: With V5 now out, we are looking at V6. Actually V6 has been in planning for quite a while and V5 is incremental step in that direction.
I am afraid that there is lots that I cannot talk about for fear that the competition will steal all our original ideas. I can say that we are looking at AJAX as well as other exciting technologies. I think it is safe to say that V6 will be a real powerhouse as far as as web building tool. ...I wish I could say more, but I cannot. Bottom line is that users that invest in QS (dbQwikSite) will certainly be rewarded with a feature rich and progressive tool for years to come.

Claude Gelinas said...

Is there a release date for the upcoming version 6 or dbQwikSite?