Monday, April 30, 2007

dbQwikEdit 3.2 – Vista Ready

This week we release dbQwikEdit version 3.2. In this release we have added support for Windows Vista, enhanced the table editor and implemented a number of bug fixes.

We are working on ensuring all our products are Windows Vista compatible, this week, it is dbQwikEdit’s turn. Version 3.2 is now ready to go to work on your Windows Visa machine. We also retrofitted all the improvements of the database table editor from dbQwikSite back into dbQwikEdit. You can now edit database structures more easily with compatibility across a wider range of databases.

We have enhanced importing data from XML and CSV into tables making this function more robust under a wider variety of circumstances.

Registered users of version 3 can get the latest updates using live update found in your help menu of the program. Users of dbQwikEdit 2 can get more information on available upgrades from

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